Pepe means good food, gourmet burgers and pizza with more than 48 hours of rising, cooked in a wood oven.


Long and natural: the rising process, which lasts over 48 hours, makes our pizzas light and easy to digest.

Flour Mix

The fragrance and the lightness of our pizzas are the result of constant research on the best Italian flours.


A handmade dough and a controlled temperature are essential to mature our dough.

Wood Oven

A professional wood oven, with its high and constant temperature, is the last step to bring our pizzas to the table.


In our menu you can find dishes and burgers which have in common the simplicity of the recipes and the use of local and seasonal products.


Pepe is bright, warm and simple, wanting to be first of all comfortable and cosy.

Enjoy your Meal

Italian Cuisine

The purpose of our Menu is to entertain, engage, and satisfy our guests. Our proposal is divided between traditional cuisine, gourmet burgers and pizza cooked in a wood oven.

Professional pizza makers and Chefs

If Pepe has become synonymous with good cuisine and pizzeria, it is due to the daily care that our Chef and pizza makerIs put into their work.

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